Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birds in "D" City

I've been walking around the city of Doha for quite some time now. The more common birds I always see are the Common Mynahs, House Sparrows, Rock Pigeons and occasionally Eurasian Collared-Doves. I've also seen a few very noisy Alexandrine Parakeets in flight. But in my book I don't tick them as lifers. They have to be perched or walking on the ground to be counted.

Fog descended over the city one Friday morning. First time I've experienced it here and based on what other birders say, it is the right time to start birdwatching for the season.  With the extreme heat two months ago, now is definitely a good time to bird.

With no planned destination and no vehicle to use, me and my friend just opted to ride a taxi and go to the biggest park here in the city. Aspire Park. With it's numerous trees, man-made ponds and many jogging trails, this is a perfect place to go birdwatching in "D" city.  The following are photos of some of the birds we saw that cool morning.

The starbird for this trip was the Crested Lark.

Indian Silverbills

Laughing Dove (center), Male House Sparrow (left) and Female House Sparrow (right)

White-eared Bulbul

White-eared Bulbul feasting on some flowers.

Birds we saw at the park were a lone Crested Lark and Indian Silverbills (both lifers), White-eared Bulbul or the White-cheeked Bulbul, House Sparrows, Common Mynahs and a Laughing Dove. And yes.... a pair of Alexandrine Parakeets again in flight! Not much birds but considering we were only there for less than an hour.

I was hoping to see my most wanted bird that day but it was still a no-show.  Oh well, maybe I will meet Mr. Hoopoe on my next trip. Ciao!

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